Mayor Bloomberg says he's going to end "corporate welfare" in order to avoid giving tax breaks and subsidies companies to entice them to stay in NY - when they would never really consider leaving NY in the first place. One critic points out the city just gave Pfizer $46 million in tax breaks to stay in the city. A mayoral aide says the Pfizer deal is kosher, as Pfizer is going to make an investment in NY as well as bring in 2,000 jobs. Invest in NY with Zoloft and Viagra? The Mayor plans on making us so even-keeled or happy that we'll vote for him. Very clever, Bloomby, very clever. But we still think you're going to get beat up by the other CEOs when you go to the secret club.

Read the Mayor's speech: Investing in New York: The City of Opportunity. It's the kind of speech that uses regular people's names throughout to make it "real."