Today, the Campaign for Fiscal Equity will be making its argument in front of the State Court of Appeals on why NY State needs to fork over billions to the NYC public school system that lower courts said the state owes the city. Back in 2004, the NYC public schools were awarded $5.6 billion, though last year, the figure has been changed to almost $5 billion over four years for operating costs - plus a further $11.2 billion for construction. Since the state only put the construction costs in its budget for this year, the CFE filed its lawsuit (the CFE has been working towards getting NYC public schools money for 13 years). And the Court of Appeals will broadcast the oral arguments online at 2PM.

The NY Times focuses on the travails of a Bronx teen to get his diploma to illustrate problems in the city's public school system these past 13 years. And the new candidates for governor have education platforms that don't really say much about the CFE lawsuit. Republican John Faso doesn't even mention it on his website, while Democrat Eliot Spitzer says the lawsuit should be resolved and leaves it at that. Gothamist understands that a deal can't bankrupt the state and no one wants tax hikes, but we'll just point out that NYC does contribute $11 billion more in NY State taxes than it gets back from the state in funding.