2008_11_billsign1.jpgThis morning at 9:30 a.m., Mayor Bloomberg will get to hear from the public before signing the term limits extension legislation that will allow him and other elected officials to run for a third term. Extremely vocal critic Representative Anthony Weiner, who is eyeing a mayoral run in 2009, will be speaking and blasted the timing of the bill signing, "Even the time and date of the hearing makes it difficult for people to come, 9:30 on a workday. It's the day before a presidential election. If they were trying to hide this action, they couldn't have done a better job." WCBS 2 reports the mayor has been trying to mend fences with City Council members by calling them, but Council member Bill de Blasio said, "He's almost never talked to council members, suddenly he's calling all of us and [asking] can't we all get along? ...After seven years it's hard to believe a sudden revelation he wants to be cooperative."