Senator Hillary Clinton brought out a big gun in her fund-raising arsenal last night: President Bill Clinton, who introduced her last night, noting that they had met 36 years ago at Yale Law School. He said, "You will never find anybody who will do a better job of it than she will." It was their first major fund-raiser together, and tomorrow they'll be in DC for another event. About on million dollars was raised, with tickets ranging in price from $1,000 to $4,600 per person.

Senator Clinton, who did vote to authorize the war in 2002, said the U.S. should never had invaded Iraq and promised that she'd end the war and work on relationships with other allies if elected. She also noted that Bush only asked Americans to go shopping after September 11: "What were we asked to do? Go shopping. I think America is ready to be asked to do something besides 'go shopping.' We are still waiting to be asked to play a part."

And while marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday with Manhattan College, former mayor Rudy Giuliani said that New York has been his "home turf longer than Hillary's": "I was born in Brooklyn, I grew up in Nassau County for part of my life, I lived in Queens, I've lived in Manhattan, I went to school in The Bronx, and I did the best in Staten Island. So [it's] my home turf, too."

Photograph of President Bill Clinton, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Representative Charles Rangel at a Hillary Clinton fund-raiser last night by Stephen Chernin/AP