Bill Maher was a guest on Van Jones's Town Hall-style CNN show "The Messy Truth" last night and took some questions from the audience. Unsurprisingly, he did not have any kind words for President Trump—in fact, he unloaded on one Trump-supporting audience member who asked why the media and Hollywood can't cut Trump's fledgling presidency "some slack."

"The President has been in office barely three weeks. Why can't you guys in the media and in Hollywood give him some slack?" the Trump supporter asked, adding that Trump had "the toughest job on Earth," and Maher should "give him a break." Maher retorted, "Give him a break? Do you read the news?"

Sure, Trump's only been in office for a few weeks, but as Maher pointed out, he's done quite a lot in his brief tenure to ignite controversy. Maher went on to describe the Trump administration as "a giant con," citing the coal-waste regulations the President undid and the Executive Order peeling back portions of Dodd-Frank. Neither move, Maher pointed out, does much to benefit the working class Americans Trump purported to support during his campaign.

"He ran for the little man. Then what does he do? He gets into office. The coal companies can dump sludge in the river, because, you know, that's what the little man is aching for," Maher said. "Undoing Dodd-Frank, because at so many of the Town Halls in Appalachia people were getting up and saying, 'Mr. Trump, please get rid of the Volcker Rule, because if I can't make certain speculative investments, it's killing us here."

But as Maher pointed out, the issue with Trump goes beyond policy. "This is a president who doesn't read. His information is anecdotal or pulled right out of his...behind," Maher said. "Of course we're worried when the president sees multitudes that don't exist, as in, the illegal voting 3 million. That should bother you, sir. I'm not the crazy one here."

Indeed, though most new presidents probably need to get the hang of "the toughest job on Earth," it's painfully obvious that Trump is entirely unprepared for the challenge. Leaks from inside the White House reveal an administration in turmoil, an incoherent president whose mental health seems to be faltering, and a staff that can't seem to find the light switches. He signs Executive Orders without paying attention to what's inside them. His biggest major policy rollout has been a giant, unconstitutional fuck-up, as deemed by several courts. He got into a fight with Australia. He can't stop rage-tweeting. He is the President of the United States and he acts like a petulant child. It's a hard job, but he made the choice to vie for the position, and whether or not you agree with his politics, he is unable to handle it. Do not cut him an inch of slack.