Bill de Blasio and his family got down at the West Indian Day Parade on Monday, demonstrating a little number called The Smackdown that, though ostensibly the official dance of the de Blasio campaign, was still pretty hard to watch.

The dance begins by positioning your hand in front of your face, then looping your arm around your head. As your hand passes once again before your face, lick it. Yes, the official dance of the de Blasio campaign involves salivating on your own hand. Once your hand is good and licked, use it to make a "smacking" motion. Congratulations. You have successfully completed the Smackdown. Don't worry if you don't look particularly "suave" or "mayoral" while doing it—even Dante and his Majestic Afro had trouble pulling the move off, because it is terribly awkward. You can watch the thing in all its glory here:

Other coverage of the de Blasio campaign over the long weekend probably won't have him performing the Smackdown in his office. The Daily News reports that he accepted as much as $54,000 from landlords who previously held a place on his own Worst Landlords Watch List (most of them have since been promoted to the "rehab" list, but not before they destroyed the lives of their tenants, who made claims of everything from clogged pipes to persistent mold.)

He also raked in funds from opponents of Central Park's carriage horses, who unfastened their hefty purses upon hearing de Blasio would abolish the tradition "within his first week in office."