Mott Hall Middle School in Harlem had been asking former president Bill Clinton to speak at their eighth grade graduation ceremonies for five years—and this year, he agreed! The Daily News was on the scene for the big day, pointing out that Clinton usually gets $100,000 for speaking engagements. Clinton said, "I can almost give a one-sentence commencement address—I came here because you kept asking me. But I think you should remember that—if you want something bad enough, just keep working for it. And don't forget to ask." But, as is the case with Clinton, he kept speaking, "[giving] a very grown-up dissertation on the increasingly inter-connected, inter-dependent world that today's young people will soon inherit." He also emphasized their education, "Critical thinking will never go out of style. We are going up or down together - people around the block and people across the globe. You've got a good start here. You know how to do it. And I urge you to press on." The students were dazzled, with one saying he would try to be "the first Latin president...Maybe I'll start off small -- like mayor or something -- and go from there."