Photograph of Senator Barack Obama and former presidential Bill Cilnton by Jasmina Meyer/Highlands Today via AP

Former president Bill Clinton made, as Politico's Jonatha Martin reports, "his first campaign appearance by Barack Obama's side" at a late-night rally in Florida. Clinton said, "Barack Obama represents America’s future and you better be there for him next Tuesday.” See video of the rally after the jump.

Clinton, whose words of support for wife Hillary's own presidential campaign involved doubting Obama, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, giving a rousing speech for Obama. Last night, the NY Times noted, "Without directly saying so, Mr. Clinton compared Mr. Obama – and his grasp of issues and abilities – to himself when he won the White House in 1992." He also slammed the Republican party's recent rhetoric, "[The GOP] just presided over the biggest redistribution of wealth since the 1920s and we all know how that went. So don’t tell me about redistribution.

Obama said of the former president, "We all wish the last eight years looked a lot more like the Clinton years when he was in the White House," and "Nobody makes the case for change that works for the middle class like Bill Clinton.”