Hillary Clinton is having trouble proving she's hipper than the 75-year-old dude who's threatening to snatch the Democratic nomination away from her, so it makes sense that she's trying to drum up cash in the Land The Youths Built—Bill Clinton is hosting a fundraiser for her at Brooklyn Bowl this month, a place that is both Youngish and Coolish but probably won't kill those dumb Bernie vs. Hillary memes that have been floating around the Internet of late.

According to hip, young news source CNN
, Bill's heading to "Brooklyn Bowl, a bowling alley in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood," on February 17th, as part of a wild three-fundraiser crawl in the city. Though Hillary has been racking up cash since announcing her run, she fell behind Bernie Sanders in January, and now the Clintons are hard at work trying to appeal to all the millennials who are otherwise Feeling The Bern.

Not that the Clintons are strangers to Kings County. Hillary's campaign headquarters are actually in Brooklyn—Downtown Brooklyn, to be exact—and they famously visited Roberta's in Bushwick one time. In fact, the Clintons once went so far as to suggest the Democratic National Convention be held in Brooklyn, which thankfully never came to pass. Sorry, Philadelphia, the fun is all yours!

Brooklyn Bowl is sort of cool. Questlove DJs there. But if you don't want to pay $250 to meet Bill, the even-hipper-still House of Yes in Bushwick is throwing a $30 party for Sanders this Friday.