2008_11_clinb.jpgPolitico, which cast some doubts on whether Hillary Clinton would even want to be President-elect Obama's Secretary of State yesterday, now reports, "Negotiations between the Clintons and President-elect Obama’s transition team are rapidly moving toward a formal offer of secretary of State" for Clinton, with an announcement expected within the next seven days. And "a key part of satisfying Obama’s vetting team, former President Bill Clinton is open to giving up foreign sources of income if she becomes secretary of State, according to a close friend." Bill Clinton has made a lot after leaving office (their joint tax returns showed income of $107 million between 2000 and 2007). The NY Times adds he "has agreed to release the names of some major donors to his charitable foundation and...would subject future foundation activities and paid speeches to an ethics review," and if his wife serves, "He would also cede day-to-day responsibility for his foundation... and would alert the State Department to his speaking plans and any new income sources."