2006_11_peggyperezolivo.jpgFormer president Bill Clinton remarked upon his neighbor Peggy Perez-Olivo's death. Perez-Olivo and her husband Carlos were shot in their car on a Westchester road last weekend. Police are still looking for a gunman, but Carlos Perez-Olivo, a recently disbarred lawyer, has been questioned as well (police have called his account an "unusual sounding" incident).

Clinton, who lives three houses away from the Perez-Olivos in Chappaqua, simply said that Peggy "was a highly regarded teacher in the area. Everyone loved her." He did not mention other aspects of the case.

The Post reports that Perez-Olivo's friends said he was "an extremely gifted trial lawyer in his native Puerto Rico until he was stricken with Lyme disease." He was disbarred in New York after failing to returned "unearned funds or retainers to clients."