A City Council bill that was to outlaw the sale and installation of car alarms in New York City was vetoed yesterday by Mayor Bloomberg. The bill, approved by the City Council in late July, hoped to ban the "sale and installation of audible alarms that are motion-activated or that sound for longer than three minutes".

Councilman John Liu of Flushing said that there is no proof the alarms work and that "there is an overabundance of evidence that blaring car alarms annoy the living daylights out of people." That's one astute council-member. Flushing residents be proud.

Bloomberg opposed the bill because alarms installed by car manufacturers or outside the city were not outlawed. His letter to the City Clerk said the NYPD "firmly believes audible car alarms are a necessary component" for theft prevention.

The only alarm that actually scares Gothamist is the Viper. And that's because they have a huge snake that hisses in their commercials.