Some people will use their bikes to protest at the Republican National Convention, creating "Bike Blocs" to snarl traffic around Madison Square Garden. Organizers say that the bikes help soften the perception of protesters; New Yorkers are split on whether this is a good thing or just another traffic nightmare. There's more information at Time's Up. And while Gothamist is supportive of political activism, we had to giggle when we read that Bike Blocs were "part of a worldwide innovation in teh bike activist community." Will bike activists being doing wheelies to convince politicians to listen to them?

And more on the Republicans-in-NYC tip, Mayor Bloomberg tells reporters he uninvited Ohio Congressman Bob Ney because "Congress is always out trying to help their constituents. Well, we are their constituents, we are the country's constituents This is where they come for funds and this is where they come for exposure and publicity, and I think that the political ramifications are all positive for the city if we stand up." Gothamist likes the Mayor's "Don't mess with NYC" attitude even though it seems more a way to attract voters and shed some of the traditional associations that being a "Republican" has. Gothamist on the univitation.