If you don't want your bike to end up at the Bike Guantanamo on Kingsland Avenue in Brooklyn, it might be wise to heed the words of this Craigslist post we read today, thanks to reader Big Apple Boy:

New York's Finest are swarming Sixth Avenue today handing out tickets to bikes. They'll get you for going the wrong way, riding without a bell, riding without reflectors, and their favorite, not riding in the bike lane.

Higest concentration is in the 20s, 30s and 40s. Every damn block, there they are. Bike cops and regular beefy beat cops. I saw at least 10 different groups of cops pulling people over.

I got a $30 citation for riding on the right side of the street and while I was waiting for my ticket, they pulled over two other guys. The cop told me it's an operation running through tomorrow (Friday).

If possible, stay the hell off Sixth Ave. If you must, be careful. Riding the wrong way is $150.

One cop made some cryptic comment about how if I didn't like a ticket, I should think about who to vote for next month. "I'm not telling you who to vote for, I'm just saying," the cop said. What, is Ferrer some big bike advocate? Strange.

Anyhow, BE CAREFUL. It's a WAR ZONE.

Oh Mayor Bloomberg-- why must you persecute the innocent bicyclists of our fair city? Remember: bikers are voters too! [For all your biker news, check out Transportation Alternatives.]