Bikers 1; Bumps 0

While biking over the Williamsburg Bridge yesterday, Gothamist noticed that a construction crew had closed the entire south side of the path. On of the guys on the crew told us that they were removing and replacing the 26 speedbumps on the Manhattan side of the Bridge-- oh happy day! Bikers have been complaining about these nefarious bumps since they were installed in 2002. Each of the 2" high bumps offers a new opportunity for the downhill biker to be thrown ass-over-teakettle, and bikers going both ways face the possibility of denting their wheels on every trip. Other groups have also complained- most notably, advocates for the disabled, who note that the bumps are also dangerous for people in wheelchairs.

So score one for the bikers! And let's hope this signals an end to the Bloomberg administration's biker-persecution campaign. It makes you wonder: have all those "I bike and I vote" stickers finally done the trick?