Brooklyn thieves have gotten a taste for Brooks saddles and mass-market bikes named after ancient Greek philosophers: bicycle thefts have quadrupled in Williamsburg's 94th Precinct since last year. "It's happening all over," Deputy Inspector Terence Hurson tells DNAinfo. "It's been increasing since the spring." 96 were reported stolen in the first six months of 2012, up from 24 last year, and people rarely see their steed again because we're all too busy to register our bikes with the NYPD. Hurson, who is the commanding officer in the 94th, says, "Someone asks me, 'What are the chances of getting my bike back?' and I say 'Not very good, unless you've had it etched.' "

As CB 1 transportation committee member Ryan Kuonen points out, it's likely that thefts have remained steady, but more people are reporting them: "To say there were only 24 thefts [last year] is a laugh. To say there are 100, yeah, that makes sense."

You can register your bike at your local precinct, free of charge, by calling its crime prevention officer and making an appointment. A good lock helps too: avoid older ones with a circular key that can be picked with a Bic pen. Keep your bike in your apartment when you're not using it (carrying a bike up stairs also keeps you lean and mean) and maybe don't spend $1,000 on a bike that you use to get yourself home from the bar three times a week. And if you do lock it outside, here are some good tips to keep it secure.