Transportation Alternatives, the bicycling, pedestrian, and public transit advocacy group, shared this photograph proving that, yes, the bollards installed on the Hudson River Greenway (the bike path along the West Side HIghway) do work. The bollards were installed in mid-2008—over a year after two deaths of bicyclists along the bike path.

In June 2006, Dr. Carl "Henry" Nacht and his wife were on their bicycles when a NYPD tow truck making a sudden turn struck him on the path near West 38th Street, near the impound lot. Nacht, who died from his injuries a few days later, was thrown towards another tow truck; his wife claimed the tow driver didn't yield to them as he should have.

And in December 2006, 22-year-old Eric Ng was riding on the bike path near Clarkson Street when a drunk driver, Eugene Cidron, struck him head on. Cidron had attended a party at Chelsea Piers and had been speeding at 60 mph—the plastic pylon didn't stop him— down the bike path for a mile before he fatally hit Ng.

Back in January 2008, before the bollards were installed, Transportation Alternatives complained about their absence and offered other suggestions to make the Greenway safer. Not all have been heeded!