The Bicycle Access Bill requiring commercial landlords to let office workers bring bikes inside office buildings wasn't the only bike-friendly law passed by the City Council last week. Less noticed was Intro. 780, the Bicycle Parking Bill. If signed by Mayor Bloomberg, it will require the operator of every garage and parking lot with a capacity of one-hundred or more cars to provide and maintain parking spaces for bikes. (And in two years, garages and lots with 51 or more spaces will have to provide bike parking.) The law mandates one bike spot for every 10 motor vehicle spots.

But it won't be free: prices for the new bike parking will be left up to the owners to decide. According to DOT Commissioner Janet Sadik-Khan's estimates, the law will eventually create more than 20,000 new bike parking spaces in nearly 1,700 locations, mostly in Manhattan. While there was some concern about creating more situations where cyclists and driversshare limited space, in the end the City Council passed both bills by a vote of 46 to 1, with Councilmember Erik Martin Dilan dissenting. We're waiting to hear back from Dilan about his vote, but it's interesting to note that his district includes Bushwick, an area of Brooklyn quite popular with cyclists. [Via Streetsblog]