Finally, people whose Kryptonite-locked bikes have been stolen can feel vindicated with the accepatance that, yes, Kryptonite locks can be opened with a pen pretty easily. This news doesn't come as a surprise to the bloggers who have been telling people about it all along (here's a Technorati search for "kryptonite"), but more recent videos that demonstrate the apparent flaw in the Kryptonite lock have put this into mainstream media. Nice catch-up time, old media.

Kryptonite Locks, the lock of choice for many urban bikers, says there's nothing wrong with their locks, but says they are looking into flaws. Some bike shop owners say that locks made before 2002 are sturdier. Transportation Alternatives tells riders that the news is not an Internet hoax; they also say you could padlock your bike instead with a $30 lock from the hardware store, but Gothamist has an idea to take that further: Buy two or three $30 padlocks to lock up parts of your bike in different places, to further dissuade someone from stealing any of it. Of course, you might need to carry the handlebars, a wheel, and the seat as well. Or you could ride the subway like everyone else.

For more bike fun, check out Joe Schumacher's Abandoned Bikes of New York site. And see what you can do with your bike at the Department of Transportation's Bicylcle Information page - and don't forget to register your bike with the police!