This year the DOT reached a goal of adding 200 more miles of parking space bike lanes in NYC—but as every cyclist knows, these also double as sweet traffic lanes, loading/unloading zones, and parking lots. The danger in all this, of course, is that when a bike lane is blocked, bicyclists are forced to merge with auto traffic, sometimes causing accidents and fatalities.

Here are some photos submitted by readers documenting the ongoing vehicular violation of bike lanes. It's understandable that in this crowded city there has to be some flexibility and give-and-take between commuters in cars and on bikes. But so many motorists don't think twice about blocking a bike lane, and one wonders how they'd would react if a group of cyclists locked their bikes across precious lanes of car traffic. We're certainly not advocating civil disobedience, but if you try that experiment, send us your photos! (And wear some body armor.)