Hasidim chafing at the increasing number of bike lanes on three consecutive roads through South Williamsburg are making good on their promise to block traffic in protest. According to the Post, someone has posted an unauthorized detour sign on private property by the intersection of Broadway and Kent Avenue, where the newest bike lane has sparked a backlash from the ultra-Orthodox Satmar community, as well as business owners who say neither customers nor delivery trucks can find parking.

The sign directs motorists one block east to Wythe Avenue (which also has a bike lane), explaining that bus drivers will be blocking the road and the bike lane when picking up and dropping off children. The sign seems to be making good on a threat from Satmar community activist Isaac Abraham, who last month vowed that "one day the traffic will be backed up all the way to Long Island City to [the] Department of Transportation Headquarters." A DOT spokesman confirmed that the detour sign is illegal, telling the Post, "Only the city can establish detours."

The immodest apparel of female cyclists had been previously cited as a reason for the Satmar bike lane opposition, but Abraham now says the opposition is about protecting children from cyclists who ignore traffic laws. Perhaps to counteract the recent effort by bike-riding clowns to defend the bike lane, the Post says Hasidim will hand out unofficial advisories to drivers along Kent Avenue every day. Abraham claims his wife was once struck by a cyclist, so he doesn't have a very high opinion of two-wheel commuters: "They are like birds flying by and dropping manure."