In a nostalgia-laden editorial, the Staten Island Advance pushes back against a city proposal that would commission new Staten Island ferries that lack outdoor seating, calling it a "terrible idea" coming from an administration that has been "obsessed" with tourism. "Outside seating has always part of the ferry line's rich, 150-year-old tradition," the editorial states. But the paper seems to be channeling the Oracle of Cuozzo when it compares the ferry to, uh, bike lanes.

If anything, this passage shows the desperate need for a the Thursday Styles piece on the trend of editorial boards just bashing bike lanes for no valid reason whatsover. They're like those weird tube scarves or man buns, or Irony.

So why would the city want to deny passengers that same access to the fresh sea air and terrific views to be found on the outside promenade?

Consider that this mayoral administration that has sought to persuade a significant percentage of New Yorkers to commute by bicycle and has confiscated miles of vehicle traffic lanes to build bike lanes to encourage that. It promotes good health, administration officials insist.

But now this same administration is considering making it impossible for ferry passengers to sit outside on the Staten Island Ferry? That makes no sense.

Grabbing "a six pack of beer, a pizza" with your date and sitting down on the ferry burns as many calories as a bike ride? Is this a new brand of Staten Island fitness to accompany their unique dating rituals? Also similar to bike lanes: teacher evaluations! Gun control! Spaghetti! Leonard Cohen!

No matter: the paper is right to criticize the City for leaving outdoor seating out of the plans, which are far from set in stone. Chances are no one will rob you of that sweet salt air on your way to Staten Island's hottest small plates restaurant.