The NSA's command center resembles the deck of the starship Enterprise. A gelato shop resembles an alien fertility clinic. But the only thing Americans trust more than intimidating sterility is garish intimacy, which is why FOX News soldiered 55-inch touch screens into a spotless panic room and is forcing people in business casual to mash their fingers on the glass.

"A lot of people don't have the time to sift through everything at once to figure out what's true, or if this tweet from a friend or a Facebook post from a friend is actually accurate," FOX News' senior producer Jonathan Glenn says. "We're going to sift through that info and we're gonna find out what's true and we're gonna let them know."

Staring at a single screen: complicated. Staring at a screen containing 100 screens: News. You too could be a reporter at FOX News if your screen wasn't so small.