With legal medical and recreational marijuana sprouting up around the U.S. like weeds, this was bound to happen. The Post is reporting that some "Big Marijuana" firms have gone and hired some big shot Albany lobbyists to try and bring medical ganja to the Empire State. After all, if Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut can do it, why can't we?

"We’re going to negotiate this bill with the wind at our backs. There’s tremendous support to legalize medical marijuana in New York" state Senator Diane Savino (D-SI) said, adding: "It’s inevitable."

And she isn't really wrong. Though reefer bills have been passed around Albany a few times now to no avail, a strong and growing majority of New Yorkers support them. Perhaps because we are the marijuana arrest capital of the world? Also supporting medical weed? The New York State Medical Society.

One big selling point for legalized marijuana that may help this time is the amount of cash the crop could bring into the state—money that is much needed after Hurricane Sandy. According to Savino, "licensing and taxing of marijuana growers, dispensaries and sales could generate upwards of $1 billion for New York’s cash-starved coffers." It's good for the lobbying industry, too!

Still, one issue keeping the legal bud out of the state is Governor Andrew Cuomo. The last time this came up he was consistent in fretting about the "tremendous risks" involved in the process of bring medical marijuana to the Empire State. But that was before everyone's favorite "gateway" drug's big 2012 election wins, so joints crossed...