The fact is, nothing much is going on. Just a lot of people trudging to work, and the whole city waiting for the announcement that the strike is over. That hasn't stopped New York's intrepid community of photographers from trying to find some interesting shots, though. So far, we've seen three or four classic types emerge: the train station entrance with police tape, tpeople walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, empty avenues closed to all but emergency vehicles, and amusing signage (like the example above, by Brainware3000 on Flickr.) We'll be compiling a list of photo galleries all day, so be sure to send yours in or link it in the comments:

2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgVillage Voice 1 2 3 4
Caviar's set on Flickr
NYTimes Audio Slideshow
CNN slideshow
Newsday slideshow of LI commute
Travis Ruse is crying right now (no subway pix!)
NYTimes front page picture w/pretty Brooklyn Bridge Shot
Pix by Jori from today

And of course, all Flickr photos tagged TransitStrike.