New York has signed a deal with the devil. We mean, Snapple. Snapple will be the exclusive beverage in city public schools as well as at parks and other public areas. For $166 million ($106 million in cash, $60 million in advertising - Snapple will promote New York - all over a five year period, with most money going to the schools). Only water and juices will be sold in the schools. And Snapple's logo will be on ferries and garbage cans to start, plus Snapple will sponsor concerts in the park.

The Post noted that the mayor looked " more like a pitch man than politician" when he bought an orange mango drink from a vending machine. Bloomberg said, "This agreement is the first in a limited number of high-quality partnerships that we think will greatly enhance our efforts to promote and market New York City."

The city's chief marketing officer Joseph Perello says, "Snapple will become the official iced tea and water," leading the Times to notice there is an opening for a cola. The Times adds that San Diego was paid $1.5 million a year be a Pepsi town, Oakland and Coca-Cola's relationship hasn't proved fruitful yet, and the official beverage of NY State is milk, but the state hasn't partnered with a brand.


The Mayor announced the deal at John F. Kennedy High in the Bronx. Read the Mayor's press release on the city-Snapple partnership.