The saga of William Thomas, Brooklyn stroller dad and accused pimp with four Manhattan brothels, continues: Prosecutors think he had applied for unemployment benefits while raking in cash money with his illicit business.

The Post reports that at his arraignment prosecutors noted, "There was $5,000 cash found in his home. Unemployment fraud is also being investigated as the defendant had a benefits card." While Thomas claims he had worked at a software company up until last year, authorities say he's been busy offering Asian prostitutes to clients via racy websites.

Apparently Thomas' first wife, Susan Thomas, started talking to law enforcement after he didn't pay child support (he owes about $100,000) and their two teens sons saw photos and cash in the apartment. Thomas has a three-year-old with his second wife, who left him (and allegedly had connections to get the prostitution ring running), and a one-year-old with his current girlfriend.