For anyone who's ever gazed wistfully across the East River from Greenpoint on a Monday morning and thought, "If I just had a jet ski I'd be at work by now," here's good news: The NYC Economic Development Corp. [NYCEDC] has put out a request for proposals for a ferry station and a pier on the river in northwest Greenpoint!

The city is looking for a developer to design and reconstruct a new pier structure on a mostly underwater 17,880 square foot parcel of land situated at the western terminus of Java Street, and to have it ready within two years of signing a contract. The pier will be complimented by a ferry station at the end of India Street, which is one block north. (Earlier today, The NY Posterroneously reported that there would be two piers built, but we're told by the NYCEDC that India Street will just be a ferry landing. [UPDATE: It looks like we were misinformed by the NYCEDC spokesman. According to the DEC, a pier is in the works for India Street.)

"We look forward to responses that will seek to rejuvenate an underutilized portion of the Greenpoint waterfront and will allow local residents and visitors to access the waterfront. Revitalizing the City’s waterfronts is a top priority of NYCEDC," says David Lombino, an NYCEDC spokesman. "Oh HELL yes," says everyone in Greenpoint fed up with the G>L transfer.