Finally, the battle over whether the NYPD should be allowed to spy on Muslim communities outside of New York City has devolved into NJ Governor Chris Christie and Rep. Peter King (R-NY) trading spats in public appearances. Yesterday, King said on Don Imus' Fox Business Network program that Christie felt disrespected by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly back in the day, "I think that's sort of still lingering out there." So that got Christie pissed!

During a press conference, Christie said, "Whenever he mentions my name he gets himself on TV. So that’s fine. I understand that, that’s a good thing for him because when you’re just one of 135 it’s sometimes tough to get your name in newspaper and on TV. So if Congressman King wants to continue to use me to get TV interviews and be in the newspapers, I guess that’s his choice.” BURN! Also, who can get these two men into a ring for a fight? Pay-per-view!

Christie had previously expressed his unhappiness that the NYPD has been spying in NJ—"This is the New York Police Department. I know they think their jurisdiction is the world. Their jurisdiction is New York City. My concern is this kind of obsession that the NYPD seems to have that they’re the masters of the universe." Of course, King has insisted that the NYPD is protecting everyone from terrorism and the NYPD is "protecting Muslims from evil people within their communities."

Christie added yesterday, "Just because you’re NYPD doesn’t exempt you from the cardinal lessons of Sept. 11. If I ever sent New Jersey law enforcement over there and we didn’t share the information with NYPD can you imagine the screaming and yelling that would be going on in New York City about that?” Hey, haven't you ever heard of the Handschu Decree, Governor?