We know, you've barely taken off your scarf and already we're talking about warm weather stuff, but this is fun. See, this summer New York surfing is going to hit the big time. Though surfing on our shores is not even close to being new, this September Long Beach ups the ante when it becomes home to a new stop on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. And what's more, its purse of $1 million bucks (double the next highest purse, in Rio) should all but assure big names in the mix come September 3-12.

The biggest trick for organizers will be persuading folks that East Coast surf is up to snuff. But even that shouldn't be too much of a problem. The competition somes during hurricane season, which often brings some good waves our way. And if reality doesn't lure the surfers, all that money most likely will (thank you Quiksilver!).

Though the ASP coming to town should bring local (and national) attention to the sport, it isn't like it is the area's first surfing competition. Just a few other LI events include the Bunger Surf Classic, the Unsound Pro and the Five Borough Surf Challenge. Meanwhile, it is important to remember to be careful out there. Surfing can be dangerous!