Huge Panoramas.dk 360 view of the scene
Celebs in really long YouTube clip
Eight of the computer winners-- those bastards!
Quicktime Timelapse of First Day
A Billion Pix in the Full Flickr feed
Damn, Steve Jobs is Popular!
Pix of Jobs, some celebs, and the packaging on the giveaway computers
Did SNL's Bill Hader get some free gear?

Johnny Paparazzi seems to have stalked every since celebrity that was reported to be there. Seriously, everyone star and the entire cast of SNL is carrying a MacBook and a iPod Hi-Fi. We're starting to think that they were bribed.

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Semi-related: on Friday, June 2nd, we'll be sponsoring the 7th NYC Photobloggers event at the Apple Store in SoHo. They just renovated their theater with a super-high definition projector (1600px resolution, and more lumens than you can shake a stick at!)