Say what you will about feeling like you're being watched, but these license scanners do seem to be doing a good job. The 100 or so mobile license-plate readers mounted on top of NYPD patrol cars have helped cops recover 2,683 stolen vehicles since they were implemented in 2006, according to the Post. It's also lead to at least 1,000 arrests for felony crimes. But are they an invasion of privacy?

The NYCLU previously called the stationary license scanners invasive, and said the city shouldn't be spending money on "indiscriminate videotaping of millions of people." But the NYPD calls them "another useful tool against crime," and plans to install more as a part of the city's "Ring of Steel" initiative. According to the latest NYPD statistics, Grand Larceny Auto is up 0.9% this year to date, with 5,331 cars reported stolen citywide. If only they could all be recovered totally pimped out.