Thanks a lot, New York Times. Barely six weeks after profiling a massive swingers' club and buffet (free valet parking!) in Sunset Park, the Man has gotten a preliminary injunction to shut it down. NY Law Journal reports that three undercover inspectors investigating Club Casbar observed more than "150 incidents of prohibited sexual activity." Nice work if you can get it! Prosecutors say the alleged acts violated Sanitary Code §24-2.2, which states, "No establishment shall make facilities available for the purpose of sexual activities in which... high risk sexual activity takes place." (The statute defines "high risk sexual activity" as fellatio and anal intercourse.) Down by the Hipster says the closure meant the social club Kinky Jews had to cancel their 4th annual sex-themed Passover seder! But judging by their website, it seems they found someplace else to whip each other with chocolate licorice wands and, according to The Forward, sing a sex-positive version of “Dayenu,” with lyrics like, “If she only dressed in leather/Bright and shiny patent leather/If she only dressed in leather/Dayenu.” Sure, that's probably TMI, but having read to the bottom of a sex club story, you have only yourself to blame.