In case you needed another reason to beg your doctor for a Xanax scrip before your flight home for Thanksgiving, here comes news that a massive cargo plane has gotten stuck on a teeny Kansas runway because pilots touched down at the wrong airport yesterday.

The plane, a 235 foot long Boeing 747 Dreamlifter cargo craft used to haul 787 Dreamliner parts around, took off from JFK and was headed to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita. It appears after the pilots got cleared to land at McConnell, they got a little disoriented location-wise, so they decided to land at nearby (closed) Beech Factory Airport instead. Unfortunately, what the pilots thought was Beech Factory was really an teensy, weensy business airstrip at Col. James Jabara Airport, whose runway is 3,000 feet shorter than the 9,000+ feet the Boeing needs to take off again.

And so, the mammoth plane sits on a puny road, rising above the cornfields like a sad, lost giant child, with no other plus-size planes to play with.

Oh, but there's more: Boeing reportedly sent a tug out to Jabara early this morning to help turn the plane around. And sadly, that tug broke down en route.

But it seems the Boeing won't be left at Jabara as a National Monument to the Power of GPS; local news outlet KWCH Eyewitness News says the plane has been cleared to take off sometime around noon—thanks to good weather and a lighter fuel load today— and head to McConnell Air Force Base at last.