The NYPD is taking those fake NYPD propaganda posters from yesterday's OWS action really seriously. To the point they are fingerprinting the darn things, typos and all. After all those posters were put on display in public spaces that the New York City government has sold the exclusive rights for private companies to use—not protesters! How else might New Yorkers find out that the American Broadcasting Company has a television program this fall that features a big, red circular staircase?

The fingerprinting response, which was spotted by a tipster this afternoon, seems a little different from how NYPD spokesman Paul Browne seemed to feel about the posters—which carried messages like "DRONES, protection when you least expect it"—when asked about them earlier. "[It] appears to be NYPD critics subjecting us to a droll attack," he told reporters.

But thank goodness the cops are taking this crime seriously. Who knows, maybe they can repeat that free subway fiasco and falsely connect the posters to some cold case murders before the year is out!