2005_11_bigbird.jpgThe dirty secrets of the detective's squad room are being revealed during hearings for a lawsuit a retired detective has brought against the city. Joann Karmel claims that she was sexually harassed by fellow detectives, with her lawyer contending that Karmel went from "full functioning" to "not being fit for duty" after the ribbing. Or as the Daily News puts it:

At 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds, Karmel was dubbed Big Bird by fellow detectives. But that was mild compared with comments that ranged from nastiness about her body to suggestions her husband had sex with their dog.

The city's lawyer admits that the other detective's remark about Karmel's husband and the dog having sex was "idoitic" but says that Karmel participated in namecalling ( "homo boy," "rat boy," and "the little Puerto Rican") of other detectives, too. Oh, my God, we miss NYPD Blue so much. Karmel secretly recorded conversations at the stationhouse to prove her point - we'll see what else gets out, but let's face it, you're not becoming a NYPD detective to play nice all the time.