Yesterday's 80th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade went off smoothly, if very wet. The big balloons were kept low to the ground, due to concerns about the high winds, and basically stayed out of trouble, though, according to the NY Times, a Humpty Dumpty balloon "somersaulted" as one point and a Garfield balloon handler slipped during a gust.

One 6 year old was overhead by the Daily News as saying, "I can almost reach out and touch Big Bird. He's so close!" And Mayor Bloomberg's favorite balloon? The Post reports him as saying, "Snoopy. I identify with Snoopy."

The Times had a cool story about a 101 year old woman who was in the first parade back in 1926 and came back yesterday - Helen Gross said about being 100, "The secret is to keep busy. If you slow down, you’re finished."

Photograph of balloon elves coming down Broadway by warsze on Flickr