"Big Bad Dan" Chu, the NYPD traffic cop who got in trouble for his terrible on-the-job behavior over the summer, intends to file a $2 million libel and slander lawsuit against the city and the Queens councilman who ratted him out. Chu claims Councilman Dan Halloran and his then-chief of staff Dennis Ring defamed him with "false reports" that he drove recklessly with police lights flashing while chatting on a cell phone. According to the Daily News, Chu is filing this lawsuit even though he admitted to those charges during an NYPD disciplinary hearing, where he was demoted to foot patrol.

Previously, Chu was called a "legend" for his bad behavior, which included yelling and cursing at a funeral mourners and being unnecessarily abusive with citizens. Councilman Hallorman, who had been given a ticket by Chu for 'blocking a crosswalk," called Chu a "nut job," and told the News that his lawsuit was, "unbelievable. He's got an idiot for a lawyer. The city of New York did an investigation and substantiated my claims...The amount of the claim is laughable and the basis of the claim is ridiculous."