2008_12_bidenpup.jpgVice President-elect Joe Biden may have picked up a German shepherd puppy, partially sating the public's desire to know what kind of pets the incoming administration will have, but even a cute dog can be controversial. PETA is upset because the puppy apparently came from an animal breeder...and "If it weren't bad enough that Biden chose to buy from a breeder, we are now trying to confirm the accuracy of a report that was sent to us alleging that he bought his dog from a known puppy mill operator!" The Humane Society is also upset Biden bought a dog from a breeder "since he has been a leader on animal-protection issues and has championed a number of important animal-welfare reforms in the Senate," but Biden's spokesperson said, "He is an advocate for rescuing animals, as shown by his rescue of the Biden's current cat, Daisy, from a local shelter."