Time-battered prison complex LaGuardia is on the precipice of a major overhaul, or so Joe Biden is expected to announce on Monday.

The Vice President is one of the backwater slum airport's premier detractors, having in the past compared the experience of visiting LaGuardia to that of traveling through a third world country. Biden, along with Governor Andrew Cuomo, is set to deliver an "infrastructure announcement" before the Association for a Better New York on Monday—sources tell the Daily News that they anticipate he'll finally announce the winner of a design competition. (This announcement was initially slated for June, but when it comes to LaGuardia, time is a flat circle, or something.)

Renovations will be made primarily to the Airport-A-Potty's Central Terminal Building, though Biden will also likely discuss AirTrain developments, which will someday connect with the 7 train and the LIRR at Willetts Point.

Joseph Sitt, chairman of the Global Gateway Alliance, also issued a statement calling for improvements to the Central Terminal Building, more efficient mass transit connections and amenities like a cell phone waiting lot, an on-airport hotel, play areas, and better use of public spaces. “We hope the completion of the design competition brings both a comprehensive vision for LaGuardia and clear budgets and deadlines for completion, he said. “These long overdue and first class improvements are critical to advancing our airports into the 21st century.”

Once the competition's winner is announced, Port Authority can finally determine which of two bidders will be awarded a contract. The renovation is estimated to cost around $3.6 billion, and will allegedly be completed in 2021, unless the Times burns it down first.