2006_08_swarknife.jpgNow we know what the TSA does with all the stuff passengers give up during security checks - the government auctions it off! amNew York has a fun story about the Pennsylvania Department of General Services offering up items "surrendered" at JFK, Laguardia, Newark and other airports at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Naturally, there are tons of knives and scissors, but there are some other funny items that people have attempted to carry on with them - "hockey sticks and pucks, a fishing trophy with a large hook, nunchucks, a sausage grinder and six-foot electric palm tree." It's crazy to think that some people think carrying on a six-foot electric palm tree would be okay - you need to buy an extra seat for that, we think.

The DGS secretary Edward Myslewicz told amNY, "We have a number of wedding knives that honeymooners used on their wedding cake; some of the knives actually have the cake hardened on them. And we once got a container of about a dozen fuzzy handcuffs." Nice! However, he warns against trying to find the Swiss Army knife you lost, "But if you're looking to pick up 20 of them at a good price, the Pennsylvania Farm Show is the place to be." Hey, grooms-to-be, this might be a good idea for groomsmen gifts!