NYPD Internal Affairs is investigating allegations of police brutality related to the arrest of a teenager in a Bronx bodega last Friday night. Surveillance video (below) from the bodega shows the teen, Jorge Cartagena Jr., saying something to an unidentified officer as the cop exits the deli. The cop then whirls around, grabs the teen, and flings him against a shelf of snack food. Moments earlier, outside the bodega, the officer had given Cartagena Jr., 19, a warning about riding his bike on the sidewalk.

The surveillance video shows the officers dragging the teen to the ground and arresting him. Cartagena Jr.—who wants to be a cop when he grows up—tells WABC that as he was handcuffed, one officer "was slamming my head against the floor over and over." He sustained cuts and bruises on his face and body, and now says he's "so hurt because it's the police officers, and they're supposed to be there to help us."

Cartagena Jr. was taken to the local precinct and then Central Booking, ultimately spending about 24 hours in jail. He was finally released with a citation for riding his bike on the sidewalk. His father tells WABC, "To be honest, I want to beat the crap out of the cop." His son, however, still wants to become a cop. Well, he certainly learned something about how our courteous and professional NYC officers handle vital police work.