2006_06_ghostbike.jpgTimes Up is organizing a memorial ride tomorrow night, in memory of Dr. Carl Nacht and Derek Lake. The ride will begin at 6:30PM at the West Side Greenway at 42nd Street (in front of the Intrepid). The ride will stop at West 38th Street, where Nacht was hit by an NYPD tow truck, and then make it way to West Houston and Laguardia Place, where Lake was killed near a construction site. Bring flowers. Update: The memorial ride will also stop at Houston and Broadway, as a tribute to Donna Goodson, a 41 year old who was killed by a truck on Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn on June 5 (the driver apparently didn't see Goodson; no charges were filed).

Nacht's and Lake's deaths are making bikers wonder what areas are safe for them. The NY Times heads to the West Side Greenway and finds it "perfect" except when there are drivers while the Daily News has a reporter navigate Houston Street - "Speeding trucks, massive construction sites and severely pockmarked pavement combine to make Houston St. a virtual death trap for cyclists."

AMNY reports that the construction company working on Houston Street says they are not responsible for Lake's death, saying that an orange barrel should have made Lake turn around an unevenly placed metal construction plate. The Department of Transportation says that the Houston Street project is "essential" and the DOT is concerned for the public and the project's progress.

And Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez attended Nacht's memorial service. Nacht had been his doctor for almost 20 years, and Gonzalez remembers how Nacht was a "rare and humble throwback to another era" "In a city overrun by high-powered doctors with bulging bank accounts and even bigger egos." And it turns out Nacht had been kept on life-support in order for his daughter, who had been in Africa working on a documentary about AIDS prevention, to see him one last time.

Photograph of a ghost bike memorial from Visual Resistance