Christopher Long, the bicyclist shoved by a police officer during a 2008 Critical Mass ride, was at last night's Critical Mass ride. This comes just a day after the verdict that found former cop Patrick Pogan guilty of falsifying records but not of an assault on Long. Long said, "I don't think Pogan ever intended to assault me so I am not disappointed at all with the verdict. I think it suits the events to my liking," adding, "I do hope that we can all just chill out."

Well, maybe everyone will chill out—though not in the way Long means. On Thursday, PBA president Patrick Lynch said, "This will have a chilling effect on every new, young officer... when they realize that mistakes now become crimes." (Pogan had been on the job for just 10 days.) And Pogan's dad told WCBS 2, "For them to make a decision like that that, to have someone's life in your hands? It's tough but that's what police officers do in seconds and they had eight hours to think about it. My son had seconds to think about what he had to do to make that arrest."

Times Up's Bill DiPaola said, "No one was happy with the verdict to tell you the truth. But we're happy with the fact that people can see we want change. We want peace between the bike community and the police department." Pogan faces sentencing in June; he could receive up to four years.