Some more details on yesterday's incident where an unlicensed driver struck a teenage bicyclist in the Bronx: The Daily News reports that 18-year-old Alprentice (A.J.) Gray Jr. is on life support at St. Barnabas Hospital—relatives say he is in a coma.

Gray may have been trying to turn onto Webster Avenue from 188th Street ("investigators believe Gray made a hand signal") as a Volkswagen Jetta was heading south on Webster: "The collision shattered the car's windshield on the driver's side and sent Gray's bicycle flying through the air." Police believe the driver had the green light; she was given summons "for driving without a license and failing to provide a child safety seat for one of two children in the back of the car."

The summons made Gray's mother angry; she spoke to the News, directing a comment at the unidentified driver, "That was my firstborn. You think you get away with a summons? It's not happening."