A 42-year-old cyclist was killed last night when a driver fatally struck him in Manhattan. The motorist may have been speeding away from a traffic stop.

According to the NYPD, officers responded to a 911 call about a bicyclist being hit near East 129th Street and Park Avenue. The cops found a 42-year-old man, with trauma about the body, in the roadway; EMS said he was dead at the scene.

The bicyclist's sneaker in the foreground (David Torres)

The NYPD's Highway Patrol Collision Investigation Squad has determined that the driver of a 2002 Mercedes sedan was headed west on East 129th Street and had first hit multiple construction barriers before rear-ending the bicyclist, who was also traveling west. The victim, police say, mounted the car's hood and hit the windshield before falling to the ground. The Mercedes driver fled, making a left on Madison against traffic to make a right turn and hit a Volkswagen sedan at a red light. Then the Mercedes' male driver and two occupants fled north on Madison.

A passenger in the Volkswagen told the Daily News, "They were coming down the wrong way and then slammed right into us. There were three people in the car and they all just popped out."

PIX11 reports, "This all started when a pair of New York State Court Officers spotted a car taking a red light just before the joy ride turned deadly... The officers went to pull car over in the Bronx when it fled over the Willis Ave Bridge into Manhattan. NYPD says the officers were following the car when they lost its trail momentarily, finding a 42-year-old man who was riding his bike on East 129th St on the street with severe head trauma."