NYC's Bicycle Access to Buildings Law takes effect tomorrow, requiring commercial buildings to allow tenants to bring their bicycles into offices using the freight elevator. If your employer approves your request to bring your bike up into the office, he or she can submit a formal request to the DOT, which will then require the person who controls the building to complete a Bicycle Access Plan. It's not really that complicated, and Transportation Alternatives has put together a great manual [pdf] to guide you through the whole process.

Unless the building owner gets an exemption from the DOT, you'll soon be able to keep your precious bike right next to you at your desk, which will also save time commuting to the kitchen and bathroom! "In 24 hours, the doors of many New York City office buildings will open to bike commuters for the first time,” says Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives. "With the same ingenuity and flexibility that makes this city work, building owners can help usher in a new wave of green, healthy commutes."