A bicycle was reportedly thrown onto the Metro-North train tracks near the Fordham station on the Harlem Line around 11:45 this morning. The bike mangled the third rail and is currently delaying a Grand Central-bound train, according to a Metro-North spokeswoman and one of the train's passengers.

According to the MTA, there was no derailment. It is not yet clear how the bicycle ended up on the tracks.

As of 11:45 a.m. customers were waiting on the Fordham platform for a rescue train to pick them up. EMS and MTA employees were on the scene.

Passenger Taylor Michie boarded the 11:39 to Grand Central at Fordham station around 11:42 this morning. According to Michie, "Someone apparently hurled a bike over railing in front of our train, we hit it, it tore up the third rail."

bike thrown in front of train // #mta

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According to ABC, the train had departed North White Plains at 11:16 a.m., and was due in Grand Central at 11:59.

"I was in the third car, we came to an abrupt stop immediately after departing Fordham and could see smoke from the front of train," Michie tells us. "Conductors [were] very professional, provided info right away, evacuation was calm and orderly." According to an NYPD alert, the train came to a stop near the corner of East Fordham Road and Webster Avenue.

Michie said that the scene was "overall calm," and that the initial stop was "abrupt but not overly so," adding that the train was full, but not "rush-hour full."

A Metro-North spokeswoman confirmed that the abrupt stop was caused by a bike on the tracks, but had no further information about the incident. ABC reports that riders on the Harlem line should expect 10 to 15-minute delays.