While loving couples were making us all teary-eyed as they celebrated their marriage equality in New York State yesterday, others reacted with hatred and disgust, holding demonstrations that were as ugly as they were unsurprising. But while you might imagine gay marriage opponents would put aside their petty differences and unite under one banner of bigotry, it seems they couldn't help but bicker amongst themselves in the oppressive heat yesterday. Turns out the majority of the protesters were not fans of the Westboro Baptist Church members who flew up to protest, and Joseph Mattera, the presiding bishop of the Christ Covenant Coalition and protest organizer, told the Westboro crowd, "We denounce you." Not to be outdone, the WBC fired back with chants of "priests rape boys."

As you can see from these videos below, there was a group of Orthodox Jews protesting same-sex marriage yesterday, and the National Organization for Marriage and State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. organized a demonstration that marched from Governor Cuomo's Manhattan office to the United Nations. Along the way NOM Chair Maggie Gallagher said things like "We're here to put those politicians on notice," and, "We are standing up for the good in God's eyes."

Downtown at the City Clerk's office, protesters were screaming that the newlyweds are going to hell, and one man holding a Bible walked around shouting, "God should punish all gays and lesbians! Shame on you sodomizers, shame on you faggots!" But a crowd of same-sex marriage supporters retaliated back by throwing confetti at the protesters, and photographer Katie Sokoler snapped a priceless shot of the Bible-thumping demonstrator in a cloud of confetti with his mouth wide open. It's a good look for him, don't you think?

And in this video, Diaz's march winds its way to the U.N., with demonstrators demanding a popular vote on the issue. Check out the 8:20 mark where a protester explains what would happen if there was a popular vote and gay marriage won: