It is not a good week for businesses ending in "&H" — first the H&H Bagel owner was indicted on tax fraud, and now word is getting out that the Hasidic-run B&H Photo Video is being sued to the tune of $8 million in a gender bias discrimination lawsuit. According to the NY Times, the two unrelated cases were announced just 30 minutes apart yesterday.

In the B&H lawsuit, filed at the State Supreme Court in the Bronx, four women (one of them a current employee, the others former employees) charged that they were denied sales positions because of their gender. They also stated that it is common practice for the store to do so. The lead plaintiff, cashier Nakisha Cushnie, says when she showed interest in a sales position, she was told, “I couldn't because I'm a woman. That simple. That's it." There are reportedly no saleswomen at B&H, and their employee magazine contains only photos of men.

Her lawyer added, "This is not a situation where women are relegated to back-of-the-bus status. This is a situation where women weren't allowed to ride on the bus." The company has released a statement saying, “B & H has a policy of not discriminating against employees or applicants, which we strictly follow. We have just found out about these allegations and we take them very seriously and will investigate." In April the store paid $4M when Hispanic warehouse workers charged they were denied promotions.